About Us

Founded in December of 2010

YEAA&A is a program based on the strong belief that children, if they are reached at an early age we can develop a positive attitude in their journey through life...the ultimate goal being a lasting contribution in adulthood and good citizenship.


Research studies indicate that children accurately reflect the attitudes of their parents and other individuals significant in their environment.  Those attitudes are inherited from one’s culture and subculture. YEAA&A is a program designed to promote greater trust and understanding for our youth with that result we will have responsible values instilled in our youth in the community.


The Youth Enrichment Association for Academics & Athletics (YEAA&A) is a non-profit organization run by local volunteers in the community.  


The objective of  YEAA&A is to offer educational and sports programs that build the self-esteem and confidence in children.  YEAA&A also encourages academic excellence as well as positive interaction with others.


The annual funding of  YEAA&A is provided through proprietary donations & fundraising.






Donations Payable to:

Youth Enrichment Association for Academics & Athletics. Inc.